Hard floor cleaning

5 tips on how to keep clean hardwood floors


Hardwood are simply said, gorgeous. They add a classy and sophisticated touch to any type of property regardless of size, interior design and architectural style. The only downside is that they are extremely capricious when it comes to maintenance as they tend to stain and get damaged easily. This means that you must take good care of your hardwood flooring in order to preserve its appearance and extend its lifespan as much as you can. If you have never cleaned such floors before, here are five tips which will help you with the task.


  • Vacuum daily


The easiest way to keep your floors shine and to prevent the accumulation of dust is to vacuum on a daily basis. It will take only a few minutes of your time but it will help you immensely with the maintenance of your hardwood flooring. If you are in a rush and don’t have the time to thoroughly vacuum your floor, you can always dust mop as it is much more rapid than vacuuming.


  • Wax your floor on a yearly basis


Some types of hardwood floors have a wax coating, which protects the wood from potential damages and the accumulation of harmful particles. The wax tends to lose it qualities after twelve months, so it is very important that you re-wax your floorings at least once a year. If your property is subjected to heavy foot traffic you should do it once every six months. Also if your hardwood floor has a wax coating never mop it because the water will loosen the wax layer.


  • Wipe spills instantly


Don’t allow spillages to dry and become stains because they can be quite hard to remove without damaging the wooden surface of your flooring. Instead, as soon as a spill occurs, grab a sponge or clean microfiber cloth and wipe it out. After all what the purpose of having beautiful hardwood floors if they are covered in stains.


  • Never use vinegar


Many people make the enormous error of cleaning their hardwood floorings with a mixture of ¼ water with ¼ cup of vinegar or ammonia. The truth is that the latter ingredients contain small portions of acid which can etch the finish of the wood and damage the floors. This is why you should always use detergents which are appropriate for wood or use the services of professional cleaners Monster Cleaning Woodgreen who provide hard floor cleaning services if you aren’t up to the task.


  • Use tea to add a shine


Grab two teabags and boil them in water. Then with the aid of a mop or cloth spread the tea all over your hardwood floor and allow it to dry. This will add an extra shine to your floorings and enhance its appearance. Furthermore, the tea will serve as a protective layer.


As you can see while they may be demanding in terms of maintenance, hardwood floors aren’t impossible to clean. So now that only thing that you have to do is to pull up your sleeves and take good care of your flooring.